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CrossFit Elements

*The focus of CFE is creating neurological adaptations, conditioning the body in safe and effective movement patterns.

*CrossFit requires a capacity level and knowledge that is not a focus point at any other gym you are likely to visit. This is why here at CF 914 you must be able to perform all movements safely and effectively before entering into one of our classes. The CrossFit Elements course will introduce you to the CrossFit methodology and will provide you the neccessary understanding and confidence needed to step into one of our classes. CFE consists of 4 Small Group training sessions in which we will focus on the proper technique of the “9 Fundamental Movements” of CrossFit that you will find in many of our workouts. Proper mechanics are vital to your safety and promoting improvement in performance. CFE can also be arranged privately.

*Egos must be checked at the door. CFE is mandatory for those new to CrossFit and strongly recommended to those new to 914, however; if you are an experienced CrossFitter and would like to go straight into a class setting, you will be given the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge of the CrossFit Methodology.

See Schedule and Fees for more details on the CrossFit Elements Program.


Group WOD’s

*Once you have demonstrated the ability to safely and efficiently perform on all of the 9 Fundamentals you will be prepared for the 914 WODS.  Athletes/Members may come to any of the scheduled class times. The White Boards will be your road map for the days programming. After the prescribed warm-up and dynamic stretching, all athletes will perform the WOD (Workout Of the Day). Scaling of movements/weights/reps will be properly executed by one of our very qualified Coaches.

*Workouts or MetCon’s at 914 will range from 2 minutes to 45 minutes and everything in between. All classes last 1 hour, and we use every bit of that hour, whether the MetCon be short or long. At 914 we do a lot of Skill Work to ensure proper development of motor patterns that will translate over to your workouts. We also do a lot of Strength Work, simply because most people do not possess adequate levels of strength, nor the form to properly execute those movements that are so common in every day life.

*Fitness is our goal, safety is our standard.


Personal Training

*If you prefer the one-on-one attention of personal training this can also be provided by appointment. Personal training creates a very specific workout prescription to meet your specific health and fitness needs/goals.  The attention is solely on you and the trainer is right there to coach and motivate. Personal training can include 1 or 2 people per trainer.

*If you are a competitive athlete that requires a more specific training regimen, personal training is an option in order to focus more so on the individual sport or event you may be training for.

*If you do personal training, you only pay for the training, not a membership unless you wish to attend Group WOD’s on top of your personal training.


Olympic Weightlifting Class

*In this class we focus on the technique of Olympic Lifts (Snatch and the Clean & Jerk), improving them and preventing injury.  This class does not include a “WOD”. We are focused entirely on the lifts themselves as well as the assistance movements that help to improve them. Olympic Weightlifting has become very popular within the CrossFit Community because of the many physical skills that it requires and improves from Power, Speed and Strength, to Flexibility, Agility, Balance and Coordination. This class is a great supplement to CrossFit and will result in a huge improvements to your CrossFit performance. With improvement in CrossFit performance comes improvement in your level of fitness!


Kettle Bell

*Similar to Olympic Weightlifting, the events of a KB Competition involve the Snatch, and the Clean & Jerk. The weight is lower but the volume of repetitions performed is much higher. And, unlike the barbell, a KB is very awkward to hold, and it is hard to get comfortable. This class will build an incredible amount of core strength and grip strength as well as muscular endurance and mental toughness. It will test your guts, break you down, and build you back up stronger then ever!



*In this 30 min class we will focus on correcting and reestablishing the ROM of specific locations in the body. This is a very important class because over the years, so much flexibility/ROM is compromised and lost due to injury, ones profession, poor movement mechanics, etc. Mobility Class will teach our Athletes the importance of improving or bodies ROM just as we strive to improve our strength and metabolic endurance. We will improve and correct poor body position and movement mechanics through the use of foam and lacrosse ball rolling, band and partner assisted stretching techniques.

*If you have an impingement (new or chronic) Mobility Class will create a positive effect and allow you to follow through on your own to fully correcting the impingement.



*Owner and Head Coach, Mike McKenna is certified to give nutritional plans to clients.  Nutrution is half the battle to creating elite health and fitness. Depending on your goals and current diet, you will either be prescribed a Zone Diet, Paleo Diet, or a Zone-Paleo Diet.  Please review “Nutrtional Links” for more info. 1-hour Consultations can be scheduled (Members – $50. Non-Members – $70) to get you set up on your own specific diet plan. This will not be a 3-week, lose 20lb diet…this will be a healthy change in lifestyle that will hopefully last forever. Instead of following a prescription for 3 weeks and then not knowing what to do, Mike will teach how to eat, how much, when, and what to eat so you can independently make your own choices and know what will happen in your body, good or bad because of that decision.  Eating healthy is very important, variation is also important but enjoying food is the most important, and Mike will teach how to achieve all of these!

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